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avada theme review by has built many websites with Avada, U-Design, Salient, Kallyas, Headway, Genesis as well as many other popular WordPress themes and frameworks, and of course, we’ve built our own themes from scratch.  There are always new themes coming on the scene and gaining popularity.

 Top selling themes are created with the intent of doing everything for everybody and, as a result, are bloated and slow.  The average buyer is a do-it-yourself small business owner who knows nothing about code and web development.  They were told that it’s easy to buy one of these themes and set it up for their business.  Often after spending dozens of frustrating hours trying to do so, they call and we get it done for them. So it’s all good.  In any case, some of these themes are pretty amazing,  even if a little slow and bloated.

What are my WordPress theme options?

  1. Get a very fast lean theme without all the bells and whistles that looks like crap, and pay someone to build it, or do it yourself.
    (Your cost: 0 to $2500)
  2. Pay a lot of money to a highly skilled designer and developer, like, to build a very cool, lean, theme for your needs from scratch.
    (Your cost:  $5000 and way up!)
  3. Buy a top notch theme and build it yourself
    (Your cost: $60 plus a few months of your time)
    At the end, it will be poor quality because of lack of web develop/design skills.
  4. Buy a top notch theme, try to build it yourself, give up and call to do a real nice job for you (Cost $500-$2500)

I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty tech details between themes, but rather use a broad approach.  Often, we can’t see the forest through the trees and it’s so easy to get tangled up in the details. In addition, there are probably many people reading this article that aren’t skilled developers,  and aren’t interested in these details.  So let’s get started.

Avada Theme

Avada is far out in the front of the pack with 116,000 sales, and ranks 4.75 stars out of 5 , based on 9288 ratings.  Need I say more? No. But I will anyway.

I have used Avada to build several sites and it is an outstanding theme. If when viewing the Avada demo, you see the look and functionality that you need, it’s a slam dunk. If you don’t see what you are looking for in the Avada demo, I would suggest that you find another theme that more closely fits your needs, or perhaps have customize the theme for you.

You might ask “What makes the Avada theme the #1 selling WordPress website theme?”  Avada is so far out in the lead that this question begs to be answered.  Let’s explore it for a minute.

Top 7 reasons why the WordPress Avada theme is so successful:

  1. Avada has a state-of-the-art, modern new look, with some cool interactivity
  2. Avada has enormous flexibility and a multitude of choices and options regarding the look, feel and functionality
  3. Relatively speaking, Avada theme is easy to use
  4. Avada has in depth documentation and a library of videos on how to use the theme
  5. Avada has a large team of skilled staff to offer support and answer questions
  6. Avada has few bugs, errors and issues
  7. Avada seems to be constantly improving the theme and working hard to stay out in the lead

For some of you non-developers, let me explain.  We have all, at one point or another, wasted many, many hours setting up a site with a particular theme and run into problems. We spent many hours trying to solve them, perhaps even attempting to contact the theme developer for support, but the problems persisted and time kept slipping away.  This can be quite costly.  We may have even at this point, dropped the theme, and started all over with another theme.  When we choose to work with Avada, we likely avoid these costly mistakes, particularly if we are setting up something in their demo. It’s a time saver, which is a money saver;  plain and simple.


Enfold Theme

The Enfold theme is ranked #2 with 52,000 sales, 4.85 stars out of 5, with 4882 ratings. I have not personally tried this theme yet, but let’s take a look at it. From researching the experience of other users it appears that for a novice Enfold might be easier to use. Looking at the demos, I see the Enfold theme has a few restaurant setups, so it looks like it would be a good choice if your business is a restaurant. I would like to try the theme and test it out sometime. It certainly looks interesting.

X Theme

The X Theme is ranked #3 with 43,000 sales, 4.68 stars out of 5, with 2472 ratings. I have not yet tried to work with this theme. The hype is a turn off for me, however, if it’s awesome, I wouldn’t let that stop me from using it. It’s being touted as the fastest selling theme of all time. So let’s take a look at it.

X Theme uses the WPBakery Visual Composer, whereas Avada uses the Fusion Page Builder, and Salient uses a very customized version of Visual Composer, which is exceptionally good.

The X  theme has four stacks, much like having four themes built-in, which is too big and bulky for my taste. If any readers have experience with this theme please contribute a comment below and share your experience.

salientwordpress  theme reviewed by

 Salient Theme

29k sales, 4.83 stars 2641 ratings

Salient is a very fine theme and stands out for it’s creative look.  If my memory serves me correctly, Salient was one of the first with the popular scrolling parallax pages and the amazing videos. It’s masonry portfolio page options with mouseover interactivity are really gorgeous.  I really do love this theme and have used it many times!  Now Avada and other theme competitors are offering similar looks and features. It’s hard to stay in front for long in this game because there is always a competitor grabbing your code and implementing it in their own themes.  This is one reason that I am so astonished that Avada has managed to stay on top so long.


 The7  Theme

The7 theme has 21k sales 4.8 stars out of 5, 2471 ratings  I have not used this theme yet. After looking at the demos and researching,  it appears very similar to the themes I rated above. If someone who has experience with this theme can offer a compelling reason to use it, or not, please comment below.


These themes are all starting to run together in my mind. They have so many similarities and fewer major differences, that I’m starting to get bored, so Im signing off now.

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In addition, I would appreciate comments from anyone experienced using any of these themes that I have mentioned in this article. Thanks for visiting!


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